Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet. I am always shooting something, so check back from time to time to see what's new! There is no technical data included with the photos, as I believe it is the vision, not the equipment, that's important.

            I utilize whatever means I can to create, enhance, and maximize a photograph's potential, whether that's using film or digital SLRs, point and shoots, Photoshop CS2, plugins, whatever it takes! All photography is an illusion, and a photographer must obey only his imagination, and his ability to bring an idea or photograph to life.

            That said; if you like a photo, give me some feedback. If you don't like a photo, give me some feedback. If you want to steal one of my photos, at least give me some credit! I want everyone to enjoy life and express that feeling whatever way your talents lie.

            I can be reached at:


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